Available facilities

Commission for the integration of foreigners
Rue de l’Hôtel de Ville 10
1920 Martigny

Help for migrant families
Link between school and migrant families, support, company and building up of responsibility of parents in their process of integration.
Marie-Antoinette Olesen
Phone: 079 794 89 35

Education on the street: social worker outdoors
Interface between adolescents and adults, between adolescents and public authorities.
Facility for parents, educational support for families.
Matthieu Moulin
Phone: 079 238 89 60

Association of pupils’ parents in Martigny (APE):
Lockbox 26, 1920 Martigny
Chairwoman: Myriam Jacquemoud
Phone: 027 722 01 02

Integration for everybody (IPT):
Cultivate the integration and professional reintroduction for people with physically or mentally constrained health
Rue de l’Hôtel-de-Ville 14
1920 Martigny
Phone: 027 327 62 30

Residential home Bernadette Carmen for people applying for asylum
Rue de Bellevue 4
1920 Martigny
Phone: 027 / 722 50 00
Fax:   027 / 722 66 79

Sports clubs and local associations
Participating more, playing, discovering and amusing oneself with varied physical activities offered by the sports clubs of Martigny, Martigny-combe and Charrat.
Children and adolescents from 8 to 16 years
Commune of Martigny
Commission for sports and leisure
Rue de l’Hôtel de Ville 1
1920 Martigny

Projects for Integration

French courses and civic duties for foreingers:
Free lessons from Monday to Friday: terms from September to December and from February to June.
Levels: Alphabetisation I and II, beginner I and II, intermediate, average and advanced.
In the morning from 9 AM to 10:30 AM in the Maison de la Musique and in the evening from 7 PM to 8:30 PM at the Cycle Sainte-Marie.

Information and registration: 027 721 22 59
Delegate for the integration of foreigners
Rue de l’Hôtel de Ville 1
1920 Martigny

Project “integration in everyday life”:

Share a meal in the Centre de Loisirs et Culture of Martigny

Several different communities, associations of foreigners, the neighbourhoods and the Swiss citizens organise dinner evenings in order to have their cultures discovered, to promote cultural exchange and to live it. A convivial exchange with discoveries of local and foreign cultures are offered around a dinner every last Friday in a month.

Contact: Delegate for the integration.
Informations: 027 721 22 59

Mexican evening

Polish evening

Project “Understanding School”

An integrative establishment for pupils’ parents in Martigny. An integration course to facilitate the better comprehension of the school system and to help parents to get more involved in their children’s school career.

Contact: Marie-Antoinette Olesen (079 794 89 35)

Informatics studio

Free course in informatics for migrants of the region Martigny and surroundings.

From September to June, every Wednesday from 2 PM to 4 PM and from 6 PM to 8 PM at the Cycle Sainte Jeanne-Antide in Martigny.

Centre for immigrated Swiss

Responsible: Mrs Agnès Larose
Phone: 027 323 12 16 /  078 648 74 46

Exchange and integration programme of the Red Cross Wallis “Come to me”

Exchange and integration programme for children and adolescents of migrant and Swiss families of the region Martigny.

Red Cross Wallis
Rue Chanoine Berchtold 10
Lockbox 310, 1951 Sion
Phone: 027 322 13 54

Schooling and Training

Reception structure for adolescents of foreign languages “beyond compulsory schooling 15 to 20 years“

Professional school of Martigny (EPM):
Option professional training / option integration in the labour world
Laurent Jacquemin
Rue de Grimisuat 8 – 1920 Martigny
Privat phone: 027 722 67 24 – off. phone: 027 606 07 00

Youth Motivation Semester
For adolescents aged 15 to 20 following compulsory school or apprenticeship dropouts. Activity, advice and support structure and apprenticeship finding.
Rue de l’Hôtel-de-Ville 10
1920 Martigny
Phone: 027 722 62 01 /  079 351 30 43

SeVal: Evaluation Semester
Reception of adolescents searching for training, activity, support at school or company at the profession research.
Rue de l’Ancienne-Pointe 16
1920 Martigny
Phone: 027 723 14 45  /  079 351 30 43

Support courses for apprentices
Courses meant for Swiss and foreign apprentices.
Responsible: Bernard Perrin
Phone: 027 723 26 46

Association account

International culture groupe Martigny (CGI):
Non-political and non-religious associations uniting members from various countries.
Communication and exchange location with different ethnic groups in a very convivial space.
Its goal is to unify the forces for permanent actions in the area of human relations and culture and to facilitate the exchanges between Switzerland and the rest of the world.
Chairwoman: Adeline Tornay
Rue des Alpes 1
1920 Martigny
Mobile:  078 852 76 40

Association Casa de Galicia
Rue du Châble-Bet 16, 1920 Martigny
Phone: 027 722 60 98
Chairman: Luis Oliveira
Mobile: 079 437 05 55

Italian Colony Oasis
Rue du Châble-Bet 16,1920 Martigny
Phone: 027 722 65 96
Chairman: Massimo Rollo
Mobile: 079 220 77 91

Portuguese cultural centre
Rue des Finettes 55, 1920 Martigny
Phone: 027 722 77 96

Association Solidarity Guinea-Bissau/Switzerland (SGBS):
Lockbox 282, 1920 Martigny
Chairman: Ambrosio Antonio Ucalam
Phone: 027 746 30 16 / 079 577 38 05

Albano-kosovarian Community of Martigny
Lockbox 97, 1920 Martigny
Chairman: Muhharem  Bérisha
Phone: 079 779 96 42

Association of Kurdss from Syria, Turkey, Iran and Iraq.
Rue du Léman 35, 1920 Martigny
Chairman : Khalil Al Hussein
Phone: 078 905 25 35

Association of the Sri Lankan of Martigny
Contact: Mohan Nadarajah
Phone: 079 440 82 04
Meeting points and Leisure

Leisure and Culture Centre of Vorziers
Platform for sociocultural entertainment promoting the exchange of people, cultures and generations. Throughout animation projects, the creation and strengthening of links are promoted witch children, adolescents and adults, Swiss and foreigners.
Centre de Loisirs et Culture
Les Vorziers 2
1920 Martigny
Phone: 027 722 79 78
Fax: 027 722 79 77

Group “Hyphen”This multicultural group consisting of seven people of different cultures and horizons offers you a programming “World music” in line with the “Petites Fugues”.
The goal of the “Hyphen” is to promote the encounter between Swiss and immigrants, support the work for integration of foreigners in an optimal space for intercultural exchange.
Centre de Loisirs et Culture des Vorziers
Les Vorziers 2
1920 Martigny
Phone: 027 722 79 78
Fax: 027 722 79 77
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