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Self-taught artist, Patrick Egger was born in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1957

First a forestry engineer and then a teacher, it is only at the dawn of his sixties, living in La Creusaz above Les Marécottes that painting imposed itself on him. After having experimented with charcoal and then pastel, he finally turned to acrylic paint which lends itself well to his very intuitive way of working. He paints landscapes in a figurative way, until the hyperrealism.

Through his works, one perceives an unceasing quest for sensations linked to the beauty of places. Touched by opposite atmospheres, he likes to make cohabit, for example, the peacefulness of the mountain and the harshness of the alpine setting.

Patrick Egger's art seems to be both faithful to the visible and in harmony with a feeling that the painter seeks to magnify in order to transmit it.

The research often focuses on the indirect light that gives the motif a particular climate.

"There is in my paintings a predilection for winter and to a lesser extent autumn and its warm colors, in opposition to the cold and bluish light of the snow. There appears a constant in my work: an attraction towards contrasts, whether in luminosity (light-dark), forms (soft hills and tapered edges) or atmospheres (warm-cold tones). Contrasts that can be found in the same painting "

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Date: 04.05.2023 - 23.06.2023
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