Some rules

Everybody wishing to drive a motor vehicle must possess a driving license.

A learner’s license conveys the right to drive with a driving instructor, or accompanied by a person possessing a driving license for more than 3 years and aged minimum 23.

In Switzerland, the speed limit is 50 km/h in town, 80 km/h on cantonal roads (blue roadsign) and 120 km/h on the freeways (motorways) (green roadsign).

Safety belts are obligatory for all passengers. Children under 7 have to be strapped into a special baby-seat at the back of the vehicle, in accordance with safety standards. (Info : bureau TCS at the Tourist Office).

For « two-wheelers », including moped riders, a helmet is obligatory.

The alcohol level in the blood must not be beyond 0,5% (1 glass).

Vehicles unable to circulate at 80 km/h are banned from the freeways. On these roads, it is forbidden to hitch-hike and to drive along with studded tires. Should you run out of gas, you face a fine.

Driving license

  • From 14 years upwards : mopeds and farm vehicles up to 30 km/h
  • From 16 years upwards : motor cycles up to 50 cm3
  • From 18 years upwards : all other types of vehicle.

A learner’s license is valid for 2 years at most and can only be obtained after a first aid course and enrolment in a driving school (« auto-école »).

During the first year after arrival in Switzerland, a foreign license remains valid, except for professional runs.

Importing a vehicle

When you bring your own vehicle from your former domicile or from an inheritance, you have to undergo a technical control and present the result to the authorities : the « Service cantonal de la circulation routière ».

For a whole year after registration, the vehicle may neither be sold nor passed on to another person.

For the technical control you have to provide the experts’report (« rapport d’expertise » issued by the Service cantonal) and the anti-pollution certificate (issued by a garage).


Service cantonal de la circulation routière et de la navigation
Av. de France 71
1951 Sion
tél : 027/606.71.00

Registration plates for bicycles and mopeds must be bought at the post office or at a TCS office.

TCS : 0844 888 111

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