Minimum wages and work conditions are fixed by « conventions collectives » (collective agreements) or formal contracts.

To obtain information or advice, ask your syndicate/trade union or professional association representing your trade/profession.

Alternatively :

Office communal du Travail
Mon-Fri 8am-12pm
Avenue du Grand-St-Bernard 4
1920 Martigny
Tél. no : 027/721.22.50

ORP (Regional employment office)

Your partner on the job market helps you find a job.
Rue du Léman 29
1920 Martigny
Phone: 027 606 92 21

Social service for the protection of workers and of labour issues (Prud’homme)

Rue des Cèdres 5
1950 Sion
Telephone for appointment: 027/ 606 74 00         


The centre for information and professional advice informs everybody seeking to do an apprenticeship or further education:

Rue du Collège 5
1920 Martigny
Phone: 027/721.75.61


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